Mark Graban  

Mark is a consultant, author, keynote speaker, and blogger in the word of Lean Healthcare.  He is an experienced consultant and change agent with a background in industrial and mechanical engineering.   Since August 2005, Mark has worked exclusively in healthcare, where he has coached Lean teams in North America and the United Kingdom.

Mark recently joined the software company KaiNexus as Chief Improvement Officer, to help further their mission of  “making improvement easier”  in healthcare organizations.

In this interview we covered material from both his books: Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen.

Join us as we talk with Mark Graban, here are a few of the points covered:

  • Renewed Purpose – Dr Jacob Caron – “Lean and Loving… a mission impossible”?
  • Henry Ford 1922 – “It is not at all certain whether hospitals as they are now managed exist for patients of for doctors”
  • Lean is helping hospitals improve
  • Problems in Healthcare
  • Good Quality Costs Less
  • Value and Waste
  • Standardized Work as a Foundation of Lean, can that really happen in a hospital – where every day is different?……
  • Preventing errors
  • Improving Flow
  • Getting Started