Staying Relevant in an Ever Changing World. 


Colleen is the author of the book “From Bedlam to Boardroom”

“Companies are no longer look for good generalists but rather very specific problem solvers. They are looking for individuals who have a proven track record of solving deep problems in very specific areas such as international tariffs and trade or operational excellence in Lean, for example”.

Colleen explains the “Must Have Ingredients” to online branding and visibility.

As an executive talent search expert, and owner of  Devon James Associates, Inc. she has served such companies as: Amazon, Visio, Cranium, Avenue A, and dozens of other start-ups.

Disruptive ideas and edgy theories landed Colleen on the pages of Fast Company, SmartMoney, Forbes, Fortune, Inc, Wall Street Journal, and CEO Magazine.

Show notes: some points from interview:

  • Found not hired
  • Narrow & Deep
  • Assessment testing
  • Discover the silver thread in your career
  • On line profile
  • 83% use the web
  • Key words, Kaizen and your search
  • Six degrees of separation
  • LIFO – last in, first up on the web
  • 500 connections
  • Groups
  • Discussions – forums – Engage your community: Lean Manufacturing, Operations etc.

Please join me in welcoming Colleen Aylward to Today’s Lean Manufacturing Podcast.