Creating A Lean Manufacturing Environment with Employee Engagement

Creating a lean manufacturing environment requires engagement

In this Lean Manufacturing Podcast episode I discuss with Karen Martin the critical importance of employee engagement.   Before we can move on to things like six sigma,  pull using kanban signals or even a well established 5s program we must create an environment that engages the hearts and minds of our employees.

Creating a lean manufacturing environment requires engagement

“Engagement, in my view is neither an attitude nor a behavior.  Rather, it is an outcome that results when an organization takes active steps with its employees to foster connections, to hand over control of appropriate aspects of  the work environment, and to challenge the employee’s intellectual capacity and creativity in a way that benefits the organization, its customers, the employee, and society as a whole.”  Page 152, The Outstanding Organization.


“The Outstanding Organization has been awarded The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award.”

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