5 Reasons Scanning is a Must!

Problem:With thousands of sku’s very close in size and other attributes, picking and shipping the wrong thing is very common- and customers are not very happy when they receive units that are different from what they actually ordered; not to mention the waste associated with now needing to expedite the correct unit(s) to them.

Answer: Scanning of course!  In the pick/ship process the pick slip is scanned and then each 2D box label bar-code is scanned, verifying all items about to be picked against line items and quantities associated with that pick slip.


  • Removal of the human “visual only” method,
  • Accurate verification of all items shipping to customers,
  • An automated shipping function reducing paperwork flowing back up the shipping office for manual shipment / inventory transaction posting,
  • Significant reduction in time consuming and costly RMA’s (return material authorizations),

But most of all,

  • Happy customers receiving the correct items and quantities on their orders.