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Guest Harry Cecil – Lean Manufacturing and Innovation

Our guest today is Harry Cecil, Program Specialist with (ATN) Alabama Technology Network The Alabama Technology Network of the Alabama Community College System links two-year colleges, The University of Alabama System, Auburn University and the Economic Development...

Six Sigma Strategies for Sustained Improvement

My guest today is Mark Woeppel, owner of Pinnacle Strategies, an intentional business consulting firm located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Mark consults and educates, executives and managers, in the area of Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma. His...

Toyota Culture-workshop featuring Mike Hoseus

I recently attended Mike Hoseus' workshop at the magnificently beautiful Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Mike did an excellent job at making the connection between Lean principals and the people side of the business showing how the two work hand in hand,...


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