Manufacturing and Millennials?


Greg believes in a vision to take manufacturing to millennials and specifically the Greg Schimmelskill set of CNC machining.   Greg tells the story of how he was working twenty-five hours a week at Machined Products Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and at the same time was attending school full time at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing program. The Co Op internship experience, gave Greg an immense appreciation for what he learning and helped him increase his skills to a higher level. You can find Greg on twitter @CNCindustry or on LinkedIn and   Greg also states that:  “I have seen firsthand the importance computer programming has in troubleshooting problems in CNC machines and many other automated systems that produce parts around the clock”.  Listen as we talk with Greg about his Big Vision to introduce millennials to manufacturing. Greg believes the use of various software CNC simulation tools (currently on the market) can play a key role.