takt time

Guideline #1: Produce to your takt time 

 Synchronizes pace of production to match pace of sales

“Take time” is how often you should produce one part or product, based on the rate of sales, to meet customer requirements.  “Takt time is calculated by dividing the customer demand rate per day (in units), into your available working time per day (in seconds).

An Example Calculation

To calculate takt, let’s use the work week since that is a common planning interval (based on two ten-hour shifts and each shift includes a 30- minute lunch and two ten-minute breaks).

  • Available time is 13.33 h/day x 5 d/wk = 91.67 hours, which equals 330,000 seconds/wk
  • Customer demand is 500,000 units /yr, divided by 52 wks /yr = 9615 units per week
  • Takt = 330,000 seconds/wk divided 9615 units/wk = 34.3 seconds per unit

takt time

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