Only four percent (one action step out of every 25) causes over half ofall medical mistakes and error

Jay Arthur, author of Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals, says that a
handful of Lean Six Sigma tools will shave an estimated trillion
dollars of preventable expense from the $2.5 trillion cost of
healthcare. The right tools used in the right order can accomplish
the savings in two-to-three years. In essence, performance
improvements will pay for healthcare reform by providing fast,
affordable, flawless healthcare.

While most Lean Six Sigma implementations are long, arduous,
expensive efforts, it’s overkill for healthcare. Post-it™ Notes, control
charts, pareto charts and fishbone diagrams will solve most of the
problems facing healthcare, remarks Jay Arthur of the QI Macros.

Jay Arthur, The KnowWare Man, helps companies solve problems of delay, defects and
deviation using Lean Six Sigma. He is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified (McGraw-Hill
2011), Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals (McGraw-Hill 2011) and the QI Macros Lean Six Sigma

SPC Software for Excel.

Jay helped one healthcare company reduce denied claims by $5,000,000 a year. He’s helped
one wireless company reduce service order errors from 17% to only 3% in less than six
months saving $3,000,000 a year.


Jay specializes in Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare, Information Technologies, service and
manufacturing companies. As an information technologies specialist, he’s helped companies
solve problems with transaction processing. He’s also helped metal fabricators reduce 20%
scrap rates.


Show Notes:

We probably waste a third of every dollar any business spends fixing stuff that’s broke, fixing stuff repairing stuff and so on

5:01 Leadership Triangle, People – Technology – Process

8:40  Out of a 2.5 trillion budget for health care they estimate a trillion of it goes to waste. Medicare is going to force hospitals to improve.

9:54 Through the use of a checklist only 10.000 die each year instead of 60,000. these opportunities are everywhere

12:50  A hundred years of tradition uninterrupted by progress

The innovators prescription Clayton Christensen

16:32 It doesn’t matter if you are in academia, or clean houses or make pizzas there’s tremendous opportunity to streamline, simplify, reduce overtime and reduce waste

21:13  The invisible fix-it factory and F.I.S.H.

25:10  3-57  Rule  get rid of the delay

29:01 4-50  Rule

33:12  QI macros and Money Belt

38:12 I think we’ve made people so frightened that they’re afraid to do anything because they’re afraid someone will call them on their statistics.

On the air with Dan & Shelby

This post was especially fun because a couple of days before I published the post  with Jay I had the opportunity to be on the air with Dan & Shelby of 95KSJ radio,  here in Mobile AL.   It was great fun!  Thanks Dan & Shelby.