My name is Brian M. Collyer and I’m energized by improving business processes and bringing out the best in people and systems which create an environment where things flow.

What started out as a static web site to teach basic Lean principles to others, has now become an incredible interactive community.  Through live interviews, I and listeners have an opportunity to “listen to and learn from” leaders in the Lean industry through the power of podcasting.

I do interviews with authors, practitioners and thought Leaders around the country bringing their best insights, to you.

My Goal

My goal is to give you practical, useful tools, ideas, and advice that you can put into action today for better results in your business tomorrow.

I am an Innovator, Intuitive Thinker, Strategist, Speaker and Business Systems Specialist.  For the past 20 + years, I have had the pleasure working with companies advancing their strategic goals, communicating great ideas and building great teams and products. Fill free to contact me for speaking engagements

I typically post interviews weekly.   To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or email. I also accept a limited amount of advertising.

My contact information

I’d love to connect with you via email or LinkedIn, or you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.  You can also call me at 251-424-2866.

Note* much of the material in the Learning to See section comes from the book by Mike Rother & John Shook, published by the LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA.