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Manufacturing and Millennials

Manufacturing and Millennials

Manufacturing and Millennials?   Greg believes in a vision to take manufacturing to millennials and specifically the skill set of CNC machining.   Greg tells the story of how he was working twenty-five hours a week at Machined Products Company in Lancaster,...

Value Stream Mapping, an Interview With Author Karen Martin

An interview with Karen Martin talking about her new book Value Stream Mapping. How to Visualize Workflow and Align People for Organizational Transformation In this episode, Karen discusses how too many organizations remain unfamiliar with value stream mapping as a...

TLM 022 Innovation Engineering with David Mixson

TLM 022 Innovation Engineering with David Mixson

Innovation Engineering Deficit?   Are you plagued with IADD? As I spoke with my guest, David Mixson, he just coined the phrase Innovation Attention Deficit Disorder!  Join me on this episode,  to see if you and your business have fallen prey. David with his...

5s And The Visual Workplace

This is an excellent short video interview describing the vast benefits of 5s and the Visual Workplace. 5s and  Visual Management can be a great selling tool. Touring a neat, clean, and orderly environment gives a high level of comfort that the people within that...


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