ERP & Your Business Talking With Eric Kimberling

by Brian M. Collyer on February 2, 2016

Eric Kimberling founding member of  Panorama Consulting is the most recognized and respected independent ERP systems expert in the world, givingEric Kimberling 100% unbiased advice to clients for over 20 years. Eric has dedicated himself to giving keynote speeches at industry conferences and universities worldwide, and has been quoted in thousands of articles in newspapers, magazines, and books, including the Wall Street Journal, CIO Magazine, and Fortune. He has served as the expert witness in the industry’s highest-profile legal cases, representing both government and private companies across the globe. He is also the author of the acclaimed book, “An Expert’s Guide to ERP Success.”

Eric is an expert in organizational change management, project management, implementation, and evaluations of ERP systems. His extensive experience includes ERP software selection, organizational change management, implementation project management, and value analysis. In addition to his extensive ERP experience, Eric has also helped clients with merger and acquisition business integration, via strategic planning, business process reengineering, and Six Sigma. He further demonstrates his innovative and unparalleled industry experience as the lead facilitator of Panorama’s quarterly ERP Boot Camp workshops and weekly webinar series.

Throughout his career, Eric has helped hundreds of high-profile enterprises worldwide with their ERP initiatives, including the Alaskan Native Tribal Health Consortium, Nucor Steel, Petro Masila, the Yemen Government, the City of Charlotte, NC, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Kodak, Samsonite, Coors, Boeing, Duke Energy, Filson, and Lucent Technologies, to name a few. He has helped manage ERP implementations and reengineer global supply chains in countries as diverse as China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. He has won numerous industry awards for his experience and contributions, including Supply Chain Pro to Know and Best Independent ERP Blog award from ERP Focus.


Manufacturing and Millennials

by Brian M. Collyer on September 24, 2015

Manufacturing and Millennials?


Greg believes in a vision to take manufacturing to millennials and specifically the Greg Schimmelskill set of CNC machining.   Greg tells the story of how he was working twenty-five hours a week at Machined Products Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and at the same time was attending school full time at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing program. The Co Op internship experience, gave Greg an immense appreciation for what he learning and helped him increase his skills to a higher level. You can find Greg on twitter @CNCindustry or on LinkedIn and   Greg also states that:  “I have seen firsthand the importance computer programming has in troubleshooting problems in CNC machines and many other automated systems that produce parts around the clock”.  Listen as we talk with Greg about his Big Vision to introduce millennials to manufacturing. Greg believes the use of various software CNC simulation tools (currently on the market) can play a key role.



Mastering the work of the Startup World.

After meeting Mark Bowles at Work in Progress in downtown Las Vegas we knew that we needed to feature him on the show. His leadership and drive for excellence in innovation make him an inspiration to anyone in the business realm. Not only is Mark a board member at Edico Genome, he is also a mentor at the TechStars/Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator program. Working with the next generation of entrepreneurs to build better machines and businesses is what ignites Mark’s passion and he is more than qualified for the role.

Mark has more than 25 years in the semiconductor, wireless, and kiosk industries. He has been involved in the formation and funding of 6 technology start-ups and has successfully raised 17 rounds of Venture Capital financing totaling nearly $250M raised and has been part of some very nice financial exits for these investors.

Prior to ecoATM, Mark was with Vativ (sold to Entropic) as VP Mktg & Bus. Dev. Mr. Bowles co-founded Staccato in 2002 and was VP Mktg & Bus. Dev. Prior to Staccato he was co-founder, President, COO and director of BOPS, Inc (sold to Altera), a broadband DSP cores and tools company. Prior to BOPS, he was instrumental in forming and funding a number of successful start-ups including Power Computing (sold to Apple in 1996); Panorama Designs (sold to Motorola in 1996); and BlueSteel Networks (sold to Broadcom in 2000). Mr. Bowles also spent six years at Motorola Semiconductor where he held various distribution management, sales and market development positions; he left in 1996 as vice president MSPI, and PowerPC market development. He has 7 patents granted in kiosk technology, 22 pending in kiosk technology, and 1 pending in wireless authentication.

Mark has been an invited speaker and guest lecturer on entrepreneurism and innovation at Duke, Stanford, UCSD, USD, Pepperdine, Wharton and Harvard. Mark is a board member of Pepperdine’s business school and USD’s Center for Peace and Commerce.

Mark holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M, and a Master of Science in Technology Management (eMBA) from Pepperdine University.



Value Stream Mapping, an Interview With Author Karen Martin

February 15, 2014

An interview with Karen Martin talking about her new book Value Stream Mapping. How to Visualize Workflow and Align People for Organizational Transformation In this episode, Karen discusses how too many organizations remain unfamiliar with value stream mapping as a methodology. As a foundation for Lean business management, value stream mapping is used as a […]

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Bill Sisson-Mobile Chamber, on Airbus, Austal and Economic Development

October 13, 2013

Bill Sisson, President and CEO of the Mobile Chamber of Commerce, joins us in this episode of Today’s Lean Manufacturing. He discusses the continued growth and the great business opportunities available to the Mobile area such as Austal, as well as the arrival of Airbus. Bill has served in such distinguished roles as: Executive Director […]

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TLM 022 Innovation Engineering with David Mixson

September 28, 2013

Innovation Engineering Deficit?   Are you plagued with IADD? As I spoke with my guest, David Mixson, he just coined the phrase Innovation Attention Deficit Disorder!  Join me on this episode,  to see if you and your business have fallen prey. David with his experience in the field of economic development works with companies around […]

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5s And The Visual Workplace

February 27, 2013

This is an excellent short video interview describing the vast benefits of 5s and the Visual Workplace. 5s and  Visual Management can be a great selling tool. Touring a neat, clean, and orderly environment gives a high level of comfort that the people within that organization know what is going on even if the persons […]

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Creating A Lean Manufacturing Environment with Employee Engagement

February 10, 2013

In this Lean Manufacturing Podcast episode I discuss with Karen Martin the critical importance of employee engagement.   Before we can move on to things like six sigma,  pull using kanban signals or even a well established 5s program we must create an environment that engages the hearts and minds of our employees. “Engagement, in my […]

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TLM 021 Master Plan for 5S Implmentation – Interview with Mark Thompson

February 1, 2013

Join Mark Thompson with ATN and I as we discuss the importance of developing and deploying a plant wide implementation plan for 5S and linking that plan to the company’s strategic objectives. We discuss the need for starting with a clear and easily understood master plan publishing it and communicating it to all team members, […]

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The Role FOCUS Plays In The Outstanding Organization interview with author Karen Martin

January 6, 2013

  Focus is a necessary condition of outstanding performance. This seems to be common sense, but unfortunately doesn’t always make its way into practice in many organizations. A Booz & Company survey found that: Forty-nine percent of respondents said  their company  had no list of strategic priorities. Sixty-four percent of respondents said they had too […]

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